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2003 02: Aromatherapy Newsletter February 2003

President’s Message

Hi there Aroma friends;

Don’t you just love February? I know it is classed as “lover’s month”, but I am thinking about the beginning of spring and the lighter nights. I know, I know, it”s the grayest, wettest month of the year but it”s the last mad fling of winter, and you start to anticipate the arrival of spring.

Of course February 14th is the highlight of this month, and surveys show that the day is enjoyed by the young and old alike. Just goes to show that romance will never die.

Here at Green Valley we are still in the party mode left over from Christmas. We are planning some socializing throughout the year – just because – we don’t need a reason!

A big welcome to our two newest staff members. Laurie, a former teacher, brings with her organization skills and a knack of keeping everyone happy. Ceridwen’s knowledge of shipping and receiving makes her a valuable addition to our team, particularly as things keep getting busier and busier here at Green Valley.

The Victoria Trade Show was a great success. We were kept busy meeting and talking with all our clients, new and old. It’s always nice to do these shows as it gives us a chance to meet some of our clients face to face and get to know them a little better. So many times we heard from people throughout the show what a great energy our booth put out and how they felt drawn to it from across the convention center! We had a great time and are looking forward to doing it again next year!

So, with a possible move to a new location in store for us and spring not far around the corner, we are looking to the next few months with great anticipation!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Barb Greenwood
President & CEO

February – The Month of many days

Ah February – not quite winter, not quite spring (at least in our corner of British Columbia!). All “Green Valley Team” members are consciously working on their lifestyle changes we committed to for the New Year and are preparing for an exciting year in business!

We all know that February is associated with Valentines Day, but did you know that there are events to celebrate everyday of the month? While this newsletter is not extensive enough to encompass all the days, we decided to highlight Sundays, just for fun.

February 2nd is “Groundhog Day” (will he or won’t he?). February 9th is “Toothache Day” (Yowch! Does this REALLY need a day?). February 15th (actually a Saturday, but as Canadians we had to mention this!) is “Canadian Flag Day” – Canada, show your pride and display our flag proudly!). February 16th is “Do a Grouch a Favor Day” (even grouches need favors!) and February 23rd is “International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day” (remember to tell your dog!). Did you know that February is also “International Friendship Month”, “World Understanding Month”, “National Self Esteem Month” and “Creative Romance Month” (among many others)!

By celebrating these days (and maybe making a few up on your own!) the month will fly and soon we will be celebrating the emergence of new growth in our gardens heralding the beginnings of spring (yay!)

National Blah Buster Month

February is the shortest calendar month, yet for some people it can seem like the longest. The blahs may settle into any (or all) aspects of your life. For those with partners, the Blahs can be particularly devastating to a relationship, so why not use this month to find unique ways to make quality time together to help keep things fun and exciting (remember, February is also “Creative Romance Month”). With February also being “Chocolate Lovers Month” your imagination may be “sweetly” inspired.

A “creamsicle scented” massage oil that we highly recommend is:

Added to 30mls of your favorite carrier oil. This works out to a 3% dilution. Keep in mind that this blend will have to be well shaken before each use, as the Vanilla does not stay blended in the oil. If the delicious scent of this blend isn’t enough, some of the benefits of these oils can be listed as followed; Vanilla is said to help promote sexuality and orange encourages emotional expression, healing and forgiveness in love. To make this blend a little “cheekier and daring” use Lime essential oil in place of bitter orange, as this oil is a little more aggressive in its intimate ventures!

Aphrodisiac Oils

Some essential oils have more to offer us in the interest of physical intimacy than others. Allow us to pass on some of this information to you in the interest of keeping your February interesting! Hey! We’re just trying to keep the month exciting for you!

  • Jasmine essential oil: opens the heart chakra, brings good luck in love.
  • Patchouli essential oil: has the power to amplify the user”s personal energies, sensual, rejuvenating, awakens lust, and stimulates yin (feminine) energies.
  • Rosemary essential oil: According to Greek folklore, Rosemary is a love stimulator and helps to protect against negative associations in love and romance.
  • Sandalwood essential oil: a true aphrodisiac.
  • Ylang ylang essential oil: is a powerful aphrodisiac that creates desire.
  • Neroli essential oil: a soothing and relaxing oil, a natural tranquilizer.
  • Orange essential oil: encourages emotional expression, healing and forgiveness in love.
  • Rose essential oil: encourages romance and sensuality. Helps to encourage heart healing and love(it has been noted that Rosa Scentifolia is the most powerful aphrodisiac).
  • Vanilla essential oil: promotes sexuality.
  • Vetivert essential oil: awakens sensuality.
  • Lavender essential oil: is known as a powerful and excellent aphrodisiac. This oil has been known throughout history as an herb of love. Ancient peoples also believed it ensured fidelity! Lavender also helps to boost the effectiveness of other essential oils!

Scientists have found the subject of sex and scent a topic worth much attention. In recent studies they have found that fragrances (non essential oil scents) that increase desire in men are pumpkin pie (second only to lavender), black licorice and baked goods (cookies, doughnuts, etc), whereas women were more turned on by licorice, baby powder and chocolate (did we mention it was “Chocolate Lovers Month” this month?) Did we need scientists to tell us about chocolate?!

Want to be a World Class Lover?

It has been reported that Josephine (of Napoleon and Josephine fame) used to make this drink for Napoleon to help stir up amorous feelings.

Napoleon’s Boisson de L’amour

  • Coffee plunger or teapot
  • 1 Cup strong hot coffee
  • 3 scoops of dried or fresh lavender flowers (fresh Lavender gives a stronger flavor)
  • 1 Cup hot cocoa
  • Honey or pure maple syrup

Place the coffee and lavender in the plunger or teapot. Let the mixture steep for a few minutes then plunge or strain away the lavender. Add hot cocoa and sweeten to taste with honey or pure maple syrup. Drink while hot.

Note: English lavender (Lavendula angustifolium) is the only lavender recommended for culinary uses. Other lavenders may have a bitter flavor. DO NOT USE IF LAVENDER HAS RECENTLY BEEN TREATED WITH ANY GARDEN CHEMICALS.

Some “sexy scents” for helping to set the mood with your diffuser – Try a Vanilla/Patchouli combination (this works well for a massage oil too, remember no more than 1 drop of essential per 1ml of carrier oil, less if you”re sensitive). If Patchouli isn”t your preference, try blending Vanilla with Cinnamon and diffuse. Cinnamon may cause skin irritation, so this blend is only for use in your diffuser.

Lavender Hydrosol

Did you know lavender hydrosol is very helpful around the house and has many uses? Hydrosols are the by-product of the steam distillation of essential oils. They are therapeutic waters carrying the benefits of their essential oil bases at a fraction of the cost. In the past, distillers discarded these waters. Now they are being touted as “The Next Aromatherapy”. 100% natural, no additives. These products must be kept in the refrigerator.

Ways to use:

  • keep a bottle in your purse or desk drawer at work to mist your face (helps to counteract the effects of cold/heat/cold that our skins are subject to during the day)
  • spray your linens and sheets to provide a soothing atmosphere before retiring at night
  • spray rooms in your home to provide a calming environment after work
  • spray in your closets to help get rid of stale smells
  • spray in the area of stressed out pets to help calm them down

The ULTIMATE Aromatherapy Diffuser

The Copper Cobra

To use: Fill the geode reservoir with water. Add 3-6 drops of your favourite pure essential oil. Light the candle. In a few moments you will be enjoying the wonderful, natural aromatherapy fragrance. Available in small and medium (reg) sizes.

To clean: Place the geode in salt water and put in the window for 2 days.

Did you know?

St. Valentine was a priest in Rome in the days of Claudius II. Claudius was having trouble in getting the men to sign up for the military, (he enjoyed battles) as they did not want to leave their wives and families, so Claudius in his wisdom banned marriage. All this did was cause a hue and cry, and Valentine carried on marrying couples in secret. Eventually he was caught and condemned to death. Many young people visited the jail leaving flowers and notes. They wanted him to know that they believed in love and marriage. One of Valentine’s visitors was the daughter of his prison guard. She would sit and talk to him for hours. On the day he was put to death, February 14th 269 AD, he left her a note thanking her for her friendship and support. He signed it, “Love from your Valentine”.

In Wales wooden love spoons were carved and given as gifts on February 14th. Hearts, keys and keyholes were favorite decorations on the spoons. The decoration meant, “You unlock my heart!”

A love seat is a wide chair. It was first made to seat one woman and her wide dress. Later, the love seat or courting seat had two sections, often in an S-shape. In this way, a couple could sit together — but not too closely!

Remember! Caution!!

More is NOT better when using essential oils on the body, as too much can actually do more harm than good. Think of it like taking an aspirin, if one does the trick you”re not likely to take 6 the next time for the same thing. Use great care and caution when using essential oils and if in doubt, use less. You can always add more but once you’ve overdone the damage has been done.

*This is educational information and any opinions expressed here-in do not replace professional medical advice. If you are ill, see a suitably qualified medical practitioner.*

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