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2003 04: Aromatherapy Newsletter April 2003

President’s Letter

Dear Aroma Friends,

Well, March certainly came in like a lion, let us hope it goes out like a lamb, and I do not mean just the weather! The Green Valley team is busy working on getting our new skincare line, called One Face Skincare, together as well as creating and testing other new products. This is a once a year thing so they can be ready for the new catalogue which will you will have in August.

I have been invited to India again to the Aromatherapy Conference. I declined last year, because of the threat of war, though our host assured me there was nothing to worry about. This year the threats are coming from the war between Iraq and the USA. These are very troubled times we live in. I wonder…if we all worked on our own inner peace, would we naturally gravitate to like people, could this lead to peaceful communities and eventually a peaceful world? Just a thought!

This month is cancer month and the majority of us have had some connection to cancer. We have either witnessed a friend or relative actively battling the disease or we have had it ourselves, and a battle it is. We have just recently lost one of our friends to this battle. Her name was Yuki Miller and she was an Aromatherapist in Victoria, BC. She will be dearly missed.

On a positive note, since 1988 there has been a 12% decline in the death rate of most cancers in men. Since 1974 there has been a 20% decline in death rates among women. In this newsletter edition we have listed some essential oils that may be helpful to use during these trying times. Whether it is for anger, encouragement, endurance or mental exhaustion, there is an essential oil for you.

Let us remember as spring unfolds across the country to stop every now and then and enjoy the little gifts that are presented to us daily, the renewing of life all around us, the freedoms we enjoy and usually take for granted, our friends and loved ones. Each day is a gift, live it as such!

Barb Greenwood
President & CEO


It is a word that strikes fear in the hearts of us all. There are few whose lives have managed to stay unaffected by this disease. Some forms of cancer are genetic – we do not know its coming until it is too late. Some forms of cancer are a result of lifestyle choices, and the disease manages to work its way into our bodies insidiously. Whatever the cause, we are systematically trying to beat this disease. As dollars are raised and new treatments and cures are explored we remain ever hopeful that we will one day see the end of this terror.

While we cannot claim that essential oils will cure or treat cancer, many oils can be used to help with some of the side effects (both physical and emotional) of the treatments.

For those who find they are dealing with some emotionally charged issues and are at a loss for how to deal with them, working on balancing and clearing your Chakras may be an excellent option. Look further on in our newsletter for more information.

Below is a list of essential oils which are considered safe (with no known contra-indications) to use externally and by diffusing in a palliative care environment. Use in a normal dilution.

Product Highlight: Chakra Anointments

Chakras are the energy points located within our physical bodies. They run vertically along our spinal column. Each point is a spinning vortex that has its own field of energy.

Green Valley has developed a series of eight Chakra anointments: subtle synergistic blends of pure essential oils based in natural beeswax and coconut oil. Each blend was carefully created to help focus on issues related to each particular chakra and also to help us focus on tapping into the earth”s raw energy and channeling it to help heal and nurture the body as well as the spirit.

While tradition directs us to seven major chakra points, an eighth point, the Thymus or high heart is one that appears to be coming more into focus as individuals strive toward higher levels of consciousness. It has been referred to as the soul seat which is the source of meaning, direction and spiritual longing in life. It is for this reason that Green Valley has expanded our product line to include it.

Suggested ways to use Chakra Anointments:

  • Apply anointment to appropriate pressure point(s).
  • Put anointment onto heated rocks in meditation area.
  • Place anointment on wrists and ankles; meditate on the chakra you feel needs attention

Did You Know?

Hydrosols are a by-product of the steam distillation of essential oils. They are all-natural products that are wonderful when sprayed on the skin to help with physical as well as emotional issues. Below is a brief synopsis of some hydrosols and their properties:

Lavender hydrosol
Is well known for its regenerative effects on damaged or fragile skin. This hydrosol is also great for helping to reduce inflammation, is calming for sunburn (radiation). It is also calming and soothing to the body, mind and spirit.
Rose hydrosol
Is a natural humectant, this hydrosol is wonderful when used in skincare on normal to dry, mature and sensitive skins. On a spiritual level, it has been said that rose essential oil has the highest vibration of any essential oil. Rose hydrosol can help to aid emotional processing and may be of assistance to you when trying to make a difficult decision. Use of this hydrosol may be helpful if you are working on emotional healing, as it can help to open the heart and bring the concept of self love more into focus.
Chamomile hydrosol
Has a tremendous effect on the nervous system, thus making it helpful when working on reducing stress, depression, or insomnia. Some even say it helps to instill a sense of well-being. On the skin it can help to calm rashes, sensitivities, and burns.
Melissa hydrosol (also known as Lemon Balm hydrosol)
Is calming to the body (rather than the mind) this hydrosol can be used to help with stress, anxiety and general feelings of frustration. It has been said to possess some immune stimulating and infection fighting properties and may be instrumental in llowering blood pressure (probably due to the calming nature of this water). This hydrosol also has good antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which would make this a good water to help calm rashes and skin irritations.
Neroli hydrosol
Is a wonderful anti-stress and calming hydrosol, Neroli is reported to be mildly sedative to the central nervous system without making the user feel sleepy. Great when used as a treatment for sudden shock.

Essential Oils in Science

A study was done in 1995 on the effects of essential oils on the well being of cancer patients. Fifty-two patients participated in an eight week course of weekly 30 minute massage sessions with sweet almond and a blend of lavender, rosewood, lemon, rose otto and valerian. It was found that the massage had a significant reducing effect on anxiety (but not on depression), immediately after the massage and up to 24 hours later.

Oil Profile: Spikenard Nardostachys grandiflora

Spikenard has been used in the spiritual sense to help prepare the spirit for the departure to the heavens. It is said that this oil helps us to release our fears of the unknown and not to be afraid to step forward. This oil has been used to help people come to terms with everything that has happened to them in their lifetime and to help them make peace with those who have hurt them. Spikenard is an oil of release and letting go. On a physical level this oil is antiseptic, sedative and anti-infectious.

April Recipe

This oil blend was created for Miriam, a friend of Barb”s who was battling breast cancer. She used it dutifully in her bath, in a massage oil and through inhalation and she found that emotionally and physically it helped her get through her treatment.

This blend can be added to a carrier oil (in a 1% dilution), diffused directly into the air or utilized in a bath (no more than 5 drops per tub if you are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy treatment).

*This is educational information and any opinions expressed here-in do not replace professional medical advice. If you are ill, see a suitably qualified medical practitioner.*

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