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2003 07: Aromatherapy Newsletter July 2003

President’s Letter

Dear Aroma Friends,

I arrived home to Canada leaving behind an England with hot and sunny weather. It is unusual to have 14 continuous days of hot sunshine and the people were not prepared. Fortunately, I had my travel first aid kit of essential oils and used them for a multitude of conditions like sunburn, heat rash, sinus problems, anxiety and little things that bite. Of course there comes the usual “catch up” time when I”m away, because nothing stands still at Green Valley. Our staff is talking of upcoming summer activities: getting fit and vacation plans. I am even considering joining a fitness club in order to help get the creative juices and energy flowing. Some of the team is planning on taking Belly Dancing lessons in September. While I think it would be interesting, I”m not planning to join in at this point.

I am pleased to announce that we have three new team members! Rebekah has joined us as the new receptionist, so now you will be welcomed by a different voice on the phone. Alice has moved on to be part of our Customer/Sales Representative Team. Chika comes to us from Japan for 12 months as part of an internship program. She is learning English as well as the day-to-day workings here at Green Valley. We’ve also hired a new executive assistant, Camille, to help keep me and my thoughts organized in my day to day activities here at Green Valley.

Our One Face line was successfully launched on June 10th to rave reviews and will be included as part of our new catalogue, due out in August. Green Valley Essentials (our new book) is now available at our website!

All in all, June was a pretty good month and I’m sure July will be even better! Enjoy your summer vacation!

Barb Greenwood
President & CEO

Essential Oils For Women

Essential oils do not understand genetic differences. However, certain essential oil carry with them properties more relevant to feminine issues. Being a woman means knowing your body is subject to hormonal fluctuations (ok, sometimes it feels like we’re being held hostage!) and the host of health issues surrounding these. For those who live with us, at times it can feel as though a stranger has moved in to replace the woman you know! While diet and lifestyle can play a large part in helping to control these fluctuations, essential oils can also be used regularly to improve the overall quality of life on a month to month basis. This month’s newsletter will explore some of these oils and ways to utilize them in your daily life.

Nurture Your Entire Being

If you are suffering from low self esteem, or just having one of those days, one of the best things you can do is learn how to love and nurture the most important person in your life. YOU! Set aside some time for you and create a luxurious atmosphere in your bathroom. Prepare a seductive, sinfully aromatic oil blend (in a carrier oil) that makes you feel glorious and alive (see our recipe section for some great ideas!). Add it to your bath and massage it gently onto your body once you leave the tub. Your skin will glow and you will be energetically rejuvenated. A sea salt scrub before entering the water will also add to your invigorating, skin renewing experience.

Learn to release negative thoughts and emotions in constructive ways – scream into a pillow, work out on a punching bag, talk to someone.

If your living quarters are uncomfortable and boring, liven up the atmosphere with flowers, aromatic candles in bright colors, and diffuse some sunny, happy essential oils. Citrus oils tend to improve the atmosphere of a room, as do Geranium essential oilBasil essential oil and Rosemary essential oil. Open the curtains, fling open your doors and windows and allow fresh air to circulate through, bringing with it vibrant new energy.

Learn to laugh at yourself and the world. Psychologists have discovered that those people who are “ultra conforming” and rigid commonly suffer from chronic anxiety or depression. Conversely, non-conformists tend to live longer, and seldom get seriously depressed. The key is to be found in the healing power of laughter. Don’t be afraid to get silly, learn to laugh at yourself and society, carry your “happy” essential oils wherever you go and remember to appreciate yourself!

Oil Profile: Rose Otto (Rose Damascena)

Rose oil has traditionally been called the “Queen of Essential Oils”. Nicholas Culpeper has described the rose as being ruled by Venus. It is the oil that is consistently used in treating disorders of the female reproductive system, due to its ultra feminine qualities. It has a powerful effect on the uterus, helping to cleanse, purify and regulate, while helping to tone the uterine muscle (helpful in cases of uterine prolapse).

On a mental level, rose oil is a gentle but effective antidepressant and may be able to help with issues surrounding sexuality especially where the issue is related to insecurity regarding a woman”s own sexuality. Rose oil has been used for centuries as an aphrodisiac, both for women and men.

This oil also has a powerful tonic effect on the nervous system as well as the stomach, liver and spleen, but due to the cost of it other oils are generally used in its place for these conditions.

For skincare, rose oil is good for all skin types, but especially for dry, sensitive or aging skin. Its tonic/astringent properties help with circulation. Rose hydrosol is a wonderful addition to skincare as it is soothing and has the same tonic/antiseptic properties as the oil (on a gentler level). If you are making your own skincare products or massage oil with Rose essential oil, remember that a little goes a long way.

On a spiritual level, Rose oil may help to encourage contentment, devotion, inner vision and freedom as well as love, sensuality and completeness.

General properties:

  • antibacterial
  • antidepressant
  • anti-infectious
  • antiseptic
  • antispasmodic
  • aphrodisiac
  • astringent
  • diuretic
  • emmenagogue
  • hemostatic
  • sedative
  • tonic

Product Highlight: Personal Massage Rollers

When we created these products, the research and development was intense. Everyone was vying for their turn “under the ball”!

Each 30ml Personal Massage Roller contains sweet almond oil as well as essential oils designed to address a range of physical and energetic conditions. The rotation of the ball, combined with the massage oil mixture and the pressure utilized on the unit all combine to create a deeply reaching, knot-untying experience.

Available in the following blends: Acheaway, Energize, Fifty & Feminine, Forty & Fabulous, Little One, Masculine Moments, Peppermint, PMS, Scents & Sensuality, and Tranquility

Try one of these today. With or without a partner, these Massage Rollers are fabulous!


Bring Out Your Inner Goddess!

Blend into 120ml of carrier oil and as a bath and body oil or as a massage oil.

PMS Recipes

It has been estimated that between 40% and 50% of women suffer from some type of PMS. Here are a few recipes that may help!




Blend any of these combinations into 30ml of your choice of carrier oil and use in the bath or for massage around the pelvic area (not for full body massage).For full body massage, blend these oils into 120ml of carrier oil.

Menopause Recipes

Hot Flashes

Blend into 30ml of carrier oil and use in the bath or for spot massage application only.

Day and Night Sweats

Add to 30ml of carrier oil and use in your daily bath or for spot massage application only.

New Product Highlight

Green Valley”s “Aromatherapy Essentials”

This hands-on approach to aromatherapy is for the budding aromatherapy enthusiast. Aromatherapy Essentials covers a wide range of essential oils, hydrosols and carrier oils. Bound in a spiral notebook format, this book is a must have for anyone wanting their aromatherapy information to go! 136pp. Available July 1st, 2003!

Did You Know?

Essential oils are also used on a spiritual/energy vibrational level? It is believed that there is a flow of energy, back and forth, between people and essential oils. Mental energy, both positive and negative, are transferred to essential oils where they are absorbed and held onto, in a similar way to crystals. There is a movement by some individuals, referring to essential oils as “liquid crystals”. The electrical frequency of essential oils can be measured in megahertz, although the reading can change drastically depending on who has handled the oil. Rose Otto has been measured to have the highest frequency of all essential oils.

Some essential oils that may help raise your vibrational energy levels are Lemon essential oilPine essential oil, Fir essential oil, Black Pepper essential oilEucalyptus essential oilBasil essential oilPeppermint essential oil and Coriander essential oil. These oils can be used in a diffuser or made into a spray for misting around the head and shoulders. For more information on the spiritual/vibrational aspects of essential oils, please refer to The Fragrant Heavens by Valerie Ann Worwood.

The Reading Room

The Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy
by Chrissie Wildwood

Among the profusion of books on aromatherapy available today The Enclyopedia of Aromatherapy is the first to explore the many aspects of this multifaceted healing art in a single, up-to-date, highly illustrated volume. The work discusses all things aromatic, from choosing, blending and storing essential oils to planning the aroma-therapeutic garden as a place to relax and renew. The author includes complete profiles of oils safe for home use and practical and inspiring tips for readers to develop their own intuitive senses.

An excellent book for those interested in the treatment aspects of essential oils. 302 pg.

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