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2003 12: Aromatherapy Newsletter December 2003

President’s Letter

Dear Aroma Friends,

It seems that I start every newsletter off with the weather! I cannot miss it though, as my office window allows me to see all that happens in the great outdoors. As I write this today there is frost on the trees, rooftops and windows and it definitely feels like winter is upon us now. The positive thing is that the bugs are gone until the spring at least. This time of year also brings with it colds, flu and various other infections. Now we need to be proactive and take preventative measures. Here at Green Valley we’ve got our Terminator blend diffusing all day throughout the office as our staff are determined not to get ill this season.

Twenty-five days and counting until Christmas and we’re all getting set for it here at Green Valley. In an effort to do my part with conserving the environment, I have decided to wrap all my Christmas presents in newspaper this year. This should make for an interesting and informative vision under the tree!

The New Year brings with it new legislation from our Canadian government which will affect all natural health products for sale in Canada including essential oils and related products. I”m sure it will be a good thing in the long run, but getting there will be a long process, requiring extensive amounts of time and money. For a small business like ours it appears to be a daunting task, however, we are slowly working on chipping away at the mountain of information bestowed upon us.

The approaching year is also a leap year, which means my mum-in-law will officially be 22 on February 29th.

Season’s Greetings to one and all! From all of us here at Green Valley, we wish you a holiday season filled with peace, good health and happiness.

Barb Greenwood
President & CEO

Aromatherapy and the Holidays

It is hard to believe that the holiday season is upon us once again. Has another year really gone by? Wow. Soon we will all be reflecting on the year that has past and the possibilities that lie before us in 2004. Where does the time go?

While some people welcome the holiday season with joyful abandon, others find it a demanding, stressful time of rushing around, long hours, too many parties and if they’re not careful, illness. We are entering into one of the worst seasons for stress related problems and illnesses to occur, and with the weather being less than favourable in many parts of the world, we need to be aware of the ways essential oils can help keep us healthy in our everyday lives. We can also use essential oils to help us create wonderful, handmade customized gifts for our loved ones! Nothing says I love you more than something you have taken the time and consideration to create. Check out our recipe section for some ideas for your loved ones!

Essential oils most certainly are not meant to be a cure all for everything, but we have discovered some oils that may help you get through those “morning-after-the-night-before” blues! Now we don”t recommend diving headlong into an intense regimen of partying, feeling safe knowing that essential oils will lift you out of the physical funk that will inevitably follow, but if you happen to make a slight judgment error there are some essential oils that may help to bring a little relief! For more information, read on!

So look to December as the end of the year, but also as a time to introduce the healthful benefits of essential oils into the lives of friends and family by giving the gift of love and caring by creating your own special gifts.

Product Highlight: Ceramic Amphorae Vessels!

These necklaces are a unique way to take your favourite essential oil blend with you wherever you go. The tiny ceramic containers are hand painted and have the following Chinese symbols painted on them: Peace, Gratitude, Faith, Happiness, Luck, Success.

By adding a few drops of your favourite essential oils you are creating your own unique fragrance. The colourful cotton-cording necklace is hand tied into delicate little flower accents and it is shipped in its own attractive gift box for ease of giving. Why not add a small bottle of one of our blends to create a customized gift for that special someone this holiday season?

These necklaces can also be hung from the rear view mirror in your car as a naturally scented diffuser! Try one for yourself or someone you love and save 15% till the end of December!

Oil Profile: Peppermint (Mentha piperita)

The peppermint plant is native to Europe, though you can find it growing in many countries around the world. It has been used for thousands of years and is noted as being used by the Romans for its digestive properties. To this day it is still best known for this ability. Its action on the stomach, liver and intestines makes it a good oil to use for diarrhea, indigestion, vomiting and stomach cramping (due to its antispasmodic action). For stomach problems a gentle tummy massage with Peppermint massage oil may help to bring some relief and also help reduce feelings of nausea. Drinking Peppermint tea is also a good idea (do not use essential oils for this).

Peppermint essential oil can be used when fevers are present in a massage oil or compress for its cooling effect. It helps to induce sweating, which helps to reduce fevers naturally. It has been used in steam inhalations to help clear the nasal passages and sinuses.

It”s mildly antiseptic effect can help to control the bacteria on the surface of the skin, making Peppermint an oil that is useful for cleansing and decongesting acneic skin through steam treatments (use with caution as the scent of Peppermint essential oil is VERY strong).

When combined with Lavender essential oil, Peppermint is great for helping to relieve headaches naturally. This can also work with migraines, especially if you start using them at the first sign of pain. It must be stated that these oils must be mixed with a carrier oil before being applied to the skin (temple massage, etc).

Peppermint is also a brain stimulant in the same category as Rosemary essential oil and Basil essential oil. It helps to clear your head and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated! Make up a blend for yourself whenever you have exams, long drives or even the morning after a late night to help get you going! On that same note, remember not to use Peppermint in the evening, as it may stimulate you right out of sleep for the night!

As if all these great benefits weren”t enough, Peppermint is also great for helping to deter ants, cockroaches, mice and rats! Put a few drops of the oil onto a cotton ball or strip of cotton and place it in areas of entry into your home. They find the scent so offensive they will vacate the premises in favour of a less odiferous location!

General Properties of Peppermint essential oil:

  • Analgesic
  • Antineuralgic
  • Antiparasitic
  • Antispasmodic
  • Decongestant
  • Febrifuge
  • Insecticidal
  • Stimulant

Aromatherapy Uses of Peppermint essential oil: May help with symptoms of neuralgia, muscular aches and pains, respiratory disorders, indigestion, flatulence, nausea, feverish conditions, colds and flu, fainting, headache, mental fatigue, migraine, morning sickness.

Ways to use: Diffuser, massage, bath, compress, inhalation and lotion (especially for the feet!).

Ravintsara essential oil

Diffusing Ravintsara essential oil is known to help keep immune systems stronger and may even be able to stop the flu in its tracks if used at the first sign of symptoms! It is an essential oil that works more effectively when combined with other essential oils (try combining it with Peppermint to help fight off colds as well). Use this oil in your bath at the first sign of illness, followed immediately with an all over body rub with Ravintsara essential oil blended into a massage oil! Combine with your favourite oil and diffuse in your home or office to help keep the air “clean” and you healthy! This oil is also one of the best oils to use for children to help keep their immune systems strong as well.

Did You Know?

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or vortex and it refers to the energy centers within our bodies. They are said to function like valves, helping to regulate the flow of energy throughout our system. It is said that energy that is trapped in any of these centers can be the cause of disease within your system leading to disease within your body. Once you make the conscious decision to “clear” your chakras there are meditations to assist you in bringing up energy from the earth through your chakra points.

Creativity Recipes

Relax/Detox Blend

Combine in a small dark glass bottle, mix well and use in a diffuser, bath or massage oil to help your body relax and detoxify after a night of excessive indulgence. This is a good blend to use when you don’t have to be anywhere the next day.

Perk up/Detox Blend

Combine in a small dark glass bottle, mix well and use in a diffuser, bath or massage oil to help your body perk up and detoxify after a night of excessive indulgence. This is a great blend when you need to get up and head off to work the next day or if your responsibilities do not allow you to relax the following day.

Mellow Moments Blend

This blend is a great one to use when creating relaxing gifts of bath and body products for loved ones. To make bath salts, add 15 drops to 3 cups of Epsom salts mix well and store in a well-sealed glass container. To make a massage oil, blend 14-16 drops of this blend into 30ml of a carrier oil, seal tightly.

Special Note

In our quest to become more efficient and process your orders in a timely fashion we will be requesting your customer number when you place an order. Your customer number is located in the upper right hand corner of your invoice. Please make note of it and keep it handy for any correspondence you may have with us. Thank you!

More Great Products!

Our naturally based Bubble Bath base has no sulfates or harsh detergents that can cause irritation. Its pH is between 5.5 and 7 and is safe for kids too. Made with coco-polyglucosides (from coconut) the bubbles just keep on coming! Keep in mind that when you add essential oils or fragrance oils it may become cloudy and thin slightly.

Shea butter is a solid base that melts deliciously once applied to the skin. It can be used alone or melted down (over a double boiler) to add to your own homemade skin-care products. It is high in natural fatty acids and is rich in vitamins A, E and F.

Macadamia Nut Oil contains a high concentration of palmitoleic acid which, when used in skincare, appears to diminish the ageing process by helping to nourish the skin.

Evening Primrose oil is rich in Gamma Linolenic acid which is excellent for many types of skin conditions, including sun damage, eczema, aging skin and wound healing.

Grapeseed oil has a very fine texture. It is almost completely odourless, making it an excellent choice for aromatherapists wanting a bland base oil.

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“Love grows by giving. The love we give away is the only love we keep. The only way to retain love is to give it away.”
– Elbert Hubbard

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