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2018 08: Aromatherapy Newsletter August 2018

Green Valley Aromatherapy – August 2018

Hello Aromatherapy friends,

The month of August is usually hectic. You are trying to make the most out of the remaining days of summer while your children are at home. In this hot summer heat, being around water is a top priority. With Autumn right around the corner, you are trying to make plans to keep everyone busy, all the while planning for the upcoming school year.

This time of year can be traumatic for kids who are going to a new school, or changing classes. Essential oils can make this season more comfortable!
For example, Eucalyptus Radiata goes great in sports bags and backpacks. The peppermint aroma in this variety of Eucalyptus is wonderful for disguising the sweaty smell from shoes or clothes. It is also a good immunostimulant, which helps protect from childhood ailments. Mandarin is very calming and uplifting, and is a safe essential oil for children. Lavender goes great in the diffuser at home, to keep everyone happy and less anxious.

If you were born in August, your birth sign is either Leo or Virgo. Leo people are usually helpful by nature. They are admired for their kindness, and they love to be in the limelight. On the other side of the coin, they can be frank when trying to get their point across, and are very headstrong. Virgo people are very strong, loyal, analytical, kind, and practical. Their weaknesses are shyness, worry, and being overly critical or themselves and others.

I am none of those. I was born under Capricorn, the Goat. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for baby goats. My boys were both born under the sign of Cancer, the crab. Though, you will never find two more opposing personalities!
One of them is a qualified Aromatherapist, the other does not want to know about the practice. If you read last months newsletter, I was telling you that this particular son and family had gone to Australia for a visit. They were taken to a lake that all the locals frequent, which happened to have tea tree leaves in the water. He went into the lake with badly marked legs due to Psoriasis, but when he came out they were healed! His daughter is now working at Green Valley and his wife is a doing a great job marketing for us.
Maybe we will end us as an aromatherapy family!!!

All the best,


Profile on Copaiba balsam essential oil

Copaiba Balsam essential oil (Copaifera officinalis) is a base note, with a light, sweet, woody resinous aroma.Some of our customers say that they have heard that when it’s added to blends, it helps the other oils penetrate. I can’t quite see that, but who knows!

Copaiba Balsam is steam distilled from the resin. It is extracted by tapping the tree, which causes no harm.

Copaiba Balsam is good for a number of skin conditions. In particular, fungal skin infections, fungal nail infections, Athletes foot, and dermatitis. It is said to be a very powerful anti-inflammatory. It may provide relief with tendon, joint and muscle pain so is a great choice for the active person
Other uses for Copaiba Balsam include bronchitis, sore throats, tonsillitis, varicose veins, stomach aches and Perfumers use this oil as a fixative. Copaiba Balsam blends well with Black PepperCedarwoodChamomileFrankincenseJasmineRoseSandalwoodVanilla, and Ylang Ylang.


Profile on Terminator blend

Terminator is based on a traditional blend once known as the Thieves blend. It was created to protect grave robbers from any disease the dead people may have, or from the vampires that hang around the grave yards. The only thing we left out of our blend was the Garlic, which was used to keep the vampires away.
The six oils in the Terminator blend are:
A few drops of this blend can be added to a tissue, and kept in a resealable bag to be used anytime. Terminator is a great blend for when the kids go back to school, where they all share their coughs, colds, and other childhood ailments with each other. Send them back prepared. You can add a few drops to a paper towel and place it in the bottom of their school bag. Using Terminator in a diffuser is a good way to keep the home free from germs. I use Terminator on the kitchen counters to keep the flies off. Just put 5-10 drops on a paper towel and wipe the countertops. You can then tuck the paper towel under your cook books


Profile on Castor Oil

Castor oil (Ricunus communis) is a humectant. It creates a protective barrier on the skin, as well as attracting and retaining moisture. It is good for dry and chapped skin, and is readily absorbed by the epidermis. We have heard that is dissolves cysts, growths, and warts, and softens corns and prevents scars.

Castor oil has a natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. it is very high in vitamin E, omega 6 and 9, minerals, proteins, and beneficial fatty acids. It is also unusually high in recinoleil acid, which is great for skin and hair.

Diffuser recipe to help stop sugar cravings

200 years ago Americans consumed about 10lbs of sugar per year. Today it is around 170lbs of sugar per year.
The World Health Organization released the results of a study on how to halt the epidemic of obesity-linked diseases. They also issued a warning to reduce the number of sugar-based calories.
Canada has the highest sales of doughnuts than anywhere else in the world. Perhaps we should start with cutting out sugar in coffee and tea. When that’s been eliminated, maybe then we can cut out sugary snacks like doughnuts.
This blend was put together to help take away that craving:


Here is a little riddle to tease your brain

What makes you young?
The first five people to let us know the answer to this riddle will receive a free 25ml Itch Over Cream with their next online order. This blend of essential oils in base cream was developed for those pesky insect bites.
Good Luck!
Last month’s riddle answer was the letter R. Congratulations to all who answered correctly!


Quotes and Trivia

Did you know? The population of Canada is 36 million people and 15500 polar bears.
In 1967 Canada built a UFO landing pad in St. Paul, Alberta to be well prepared for the arrival of aliens.

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