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2019 05: Aromatherapy Newsletter May 2019

Green Valley Aromatherapy – May 2019

Sorry about the missing April newsletter. We have been so incredibly busy. Every spare hour we have been trying to catch up and reorganizing to make our flow easier. April was a good month, weather wise, and the gardens are coming on in leaps and bounds. Happy May to everyone! If this weather keeps up, I am going to need help in the garden.

It is funny how the first signs of the sun send folks into a scurry of activity. The camping gear has been brought into the sun to air out. The nice big cushions for the garden chairs are taken out of storage. Tubs and hanging baskets are being made ready for planting. Everything is being made ready for summer.

I was born after the second world war. People did not have gardens as such. If they did, they were turned into vegetable gardens to help feed the hungry masses. I have a veggie garden now as I like fresh vegetables with our meals. Garden centers are busy this time of year selling every kind of flower, seed, shrub, tree as well as ornaments, statues and containers. I have even seen large pictures for hanging outside. We all want to spend as much time outside in our gardens as possible while the weather is nice.

All the best,


Profile on rose geranium essential oil:

Rose Geranium seams to me to be sweeter than the regular Geranium, which is why I favour it. This is a female oil in the sense that it works well with menopausal problems. There has been talk within aromatherapy circles that Rose Geranium can help with the female libido. It is also good for the skin; acne, burns, eczema, and dermatitis.

Rose Geranium is considered to be one of the best essential oils for calming the spirit and is generally uplifting and balancing.

Profile on On the run roll-ons (otr’s):

Green Valley’s On The Run Roll-ons, or OTR’s, were created as a convenience to carry along with you. These glass, 10ml roller bottles are available in six varieties. The essential oils are added to a fractionated coconut oil base.
These therapeutic blends are:
Headeaze – For that unexpected headache. Just roll on gently over the temples or base of the neck.
Energize – Useful for the end of the day or whenever fatigue sets in.
Lavender – A situation may arise at work that causes you anxiety. Grab the Lavender OTR and apply gently to your temples.
Sensuality – This is a romantic blend of sweet aphrodisiac essential oils. You never know when you may need this blend.
Stressbuster – This has a very earthy aroma. If you are feeling anxious and need grounding, this is your blend.
Tranquility – The very first blend that I developed. It was for a reflexologist who would use it on her patients feet. Very calming and relaxing.

Profile on emu oil:

Emu Oil is a very popular oil. There are a a few Emu farms on the island where we live. All are working full out to meet the supply needed.

Our Emu oil is a fully refined, grade A oil. It is a gentle and effective anti-inflammatory and bacteriostat. Emu oil has a lot of healing properties and can accelerate the healing process of scars. My husband had knee replacement surgery and after applying emu oil daily while he was healing, you can hardly see the scar now.
Please note that Emu oil will not heal old scars!
Our supplier tells us that we should nurture our skin with nature.

Recipe for Arthritic pain

Add all of the essential oils to a dark bottle and mix well. Add 15 drops to 15mls of Emu oil and massage on the affected area.
Do not forget that the body tends to get used to an essential oil, so it is a good idea to change the blend after using it for a month.

did you know?:

* Chakras are the energy centers in the spiritual body. Sometimes they get blocked due to illness, stress or traumatic situations. People who practice Reiki work on your body to find the Chakras that are not functioning properly.

* As I was writing about the OTR’s in this newsletter, a memory came to me regarding our Stressbuster blend and I thought you may like to hear about it:
I made the Stressbuster blend for a gentleman who had been through some very severe trauma many years ago. He booked himself into a hotel on the beach. Everyday he had a massage using the Stressbuster blend. He ran on the beach twice a day and exercised everyday at the local gym. As his body started to respond positively, his dark thoughts and mind slowly followed. As his two weeks came to an end, he felt like he could cope with the world again. One step at a time.

quotes and trivia:

“Time and health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.”
– Denis Waitley
”Life is about finding a good healthy balance between family, friends and work.”

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