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2019 09: Aromatherapy Newsletter September 2019

Green Valley Aromatherapy – September 2019

Hello Aroma Friends,
Ahhh, September. Kids are going back to school and you are back to running them to gymnastics, dancing, swimming, piano lessons etc, etc. Now is the time to start making lists of the best way to use your precious free time.
Getting going in the morning can be hard to deal with. After the long summer holidays, children can find it difficult to get back into a routine. In the mornings they are tired, grumpy and do not want to go to school.
diffuser with a stimulating essential oil can be helpful. I use Rosemary essential oil. I have mine on a timer so it comes on one hour before it is time to get up. I think that subconsciously I smell the Rosemary and I start waking up. Rosemary is also a brain stimulant. I need all the help I can get in that area.

When the little darlings are coming home from school, they are probably wired from all of the things they did that day. Now you need a calming oil. You really cannot beat Lavender essential oil. It is calming, balancing and is good for anxiety.

There have been studies done that suggest some essential oils we diffuse are not good for animals. Make sure the door is open to another room so they can retreat to some fresh air if they need to.

All the best,


Profile on Copaiba Balsam essential oil:

Copaiba Balsam is a relatively new essential oil. The tree can be found in South America and has been used by the local people for generations.

This wonderful oil has many properties. Copaiba Balsam is very gentle and safe to use on the skin. As well as being anti-inflammatory, it is analgesic, a stimulant and an all-round powerful oil.

If you have joint pain, sore muscles or arthritis, blend 5 drops of Copaiba Balsam with 8mls of a carrier oil such as Sweet Almond Oil. If you have sensitive skin use 10mls of carrier oil instead. Massage the blend onto the aching joint or muscle and feel the relief. I have a painful hip due to a hip replacement that went wrong. I find Copaiba helps to give me a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Copaiba Balsam is also recommended for psoriasis, acne and eczema.


Profile on road scents blend:

This essential oil blend was created after driving through Vancouver. We lived in a small village in England. When we came to Canada, we settled in the town of Courtenay. The experience of driving through the bustling city of Vancouver was quite alarming. I was not prepared for the speed, dodging in and out, horns blaring and rude gestures aimed at other motorists.
Road Scents is a calming blend comprised of BenzoinLavenderLitsea cubeba and Ylang Ylang. Use this blend in your car diffuser or in your home if you would like a calm atmosphere and fresh scent.


Profile on helichrysum essential oil:

Helichrysum essential oil is a wonderful oil with its many useful properties. It is a really good anti-inflammatory and a great immuno-stimulant. It is a good choice for shock and nervous exhaustion.
  • Helichrysum Hydrosol has all of the above properties except it is gentler making it suitable for children and older people who may be a little fragile. Helichrysum essential oil is quite expensive so the hydrosol is a more affordable option.
All of our hydrosols come in a 60ml spray bottle size. This is convenient to carry around with you for when anxiety strikes. Spray two times above your head and take a couple of deep breaths.

recipe for headaches:

Headaches seem to be more a problem in the summer as opposed to the winter in my family. This recipe seems to work for us.
Add these drops to your diffuser or multiply the recipe by 10 and add the drops to a 5ml bottle. Add a few drops of the blend to some carrier oil, then massage onto your temples or add to your bath. Valerian is a good muscle relaxant and a sedative. Peppermint is analgesic and is recommended for migraines. Lavender is analgesic, calming and also aides in sleep.

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