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2020 01: Aromatherapy Newsletter January 2020

Green Valley Aromatherapy – January 2020

Aromatherapy has really caught on since we first came to Vancouver Island 30 years ago. Back then, nobody seemed to know about aromatherapy. Green Valley has been around for 27 years, and at the beginning, most of our orders were coming in from around the world, and very few were coming to us from Canada.
Gradually we have started to see changes.
The multilevel marketers in the aromatherapy field have been pushing home parties. This seems alright, although I have concerns about the information that is being shared and if it is legitimate.
For example, some state that it would be beneficial to ingest essential oils. As a certified aromatherapist, however, I know that to be far from the truth. At least people are aware of essential oils and are trying to learn more.
“The Lord hath created medicine out of the Earth, and he that is wise will not abhor them.” Ecclesiasticus 38.4
It has been 100 years since the term “aromatherapy” was coined. When a french chemist named Gattefosse burned his arm quite badly, he plunged it into the nearest cold liquid which turned out to be Lavender essential oil. His arm went on to heal faster than normal with no scarring and very little pain.
As you begin to learn and understand how aromatherapy works, you will see why they are known as miracles in little bottles.
All the best,

Profile on Black Pepper essential oil:

Black Pepper essential oil is steam distilled and is a middle note. The aroma is pleasantly earthy and in my opinion, slightly medicinal. I quite like it.

Black pepper has analgesic, aphrodisiac, decongestant, diuretic, expectorant, and vasodilator properties. Black pepper essential oil has many beneficial properties, so I only listed the most common ones.

All of these properties make Black Pepper essential oil good at fighting bronchitis, the flu, infections, and viruses. Black Pepper can also help with muscular aches and fevers.
I like to use it to help with fatigue, lethargy, and concentration. Cancer treatment leaves you feeling exhausted and unable to concentrate, so I like to have Black Pepper around me during the day.
As you can imagine there are many different aromas here at Green Valley Aromatherapy and they are all fighting to be noticed. To make sure I can smell the Black Pepper, I place a few drops in my personal inhaler to have on my desk so it is ready to be smelled whenever I may need it.


Profile on Sunshine Blend:

The inspiration for this blend was in one of those odd moments when I was thinking of how great the orange tree is. It creates beautiful flowers and such delicious fruits. It then occurred to me that if they work so well together in nature, they would work just as well together in a blend of essential oils; where the aroma can work together in harmony to help us.
Neroli essential oil is from the blossom of the orange tree. Petitgrain essential oil is from the distillation of the leaves and the twigs, and orange essential oil is from the peel of the fruit.
Neroli is a middle note, and has anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, and aphrodisiac properties. It is calming and can be a tissue stimulant.
Orange essential oil is a top note and is very uplifting, a lymph node stimulator, and has anti-depressant properties.
Petitgrain has anti-depressant, sedative, and nervine properties.
The hope for our Sunshine blend is to make you feel lighter, uplifted, and energized, no matter what is going on in your life.


Profile on yarrow hydrosol:

Yarrow hydrosol does not have a very pleasant aroma, but it does have great properties, such as being anti-inflammatory, good for the skin, and for regaining and maintaining your health.
It is very helpful for the digestion and circulation system, and it is also extremely purifying. Yarrow hydrosol also works wonders for skin and hair care.
Yarrow hydrosol helps reduce inflammation in the body, and is good for varicose veins and hemorrhoids as it promote healthy blood circulation. It also helps prevent uric acid from accumulating in the joints and muscles.

recipe for muscle aches and pain:

3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
Add the 10 drops of essential oil into a container and shake well.
Then, add the apple cider vinegar and shake again.
You can add this mixture to a nice hot bath, or add it to some carrier oil and use it as a lotion- simply apply it where you ache the most, and you should feel some relief.

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Did you know?

January is named after the Roman God of doors, Janus.
This is because January is considered the door of the new year.


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