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2020 02: Aromatherapy Newsletter February 2020

Green Valley Aromatherapy – February 2020

February is a cold and dreary month; it is in the meridian of two seasons as it is almost spring, but not quite. If you are in need of a tunnel of light in these dark days, diffusing uplifting oils may be your solace. With these oils, you can walk into the tunnel feeling low, sad, and tired, and come through the other side feeling energized, happy, and uplifted!
In my family we have lots of birthdays in February, which is odd because it is such a short month. This year, we also have a leap year; so there is an extra day to celebrate all the festivities. February is home to Valentines day, so you may also be in need of a few gifts. You can make all sorts of creams, lotions, and bath products using essential oils for your loved ones, or you can even add an essential oil to a carrier oil and package it all nice in a pretty bottle- people seem to really enjoy this. You don’t have to look far for something to celebrate and it does not have to cost much.
Weather wise, February is a month of rain, wind, and possibly snow. It is almost spring though, so we can hope for some nice, sunny weather sprinkled in with the cold. Luckily, I have some leftover Christmas chocolate and wine put away for the bad weather. Make sure to stock up your fridge as well, so on rainy days you can hunker down in front of the fire and play board games with the kids, or watch a movie; you will fondly remember these times when the kids have left home.
All the best,

Profile on cajaput essential oil:

Cajaput essential oil has been around for a long time, but it is not very popular. The aroma is a little bit like Rosemary (a top note), which makes it great for fast acting relief. Cajaput stimulates the senses, and helps when you are struggling for inspiration and clarity. In general it helps to revitalize the mind, body, and spirit.

The general properties of Cajaput are analgesic, anti neuralgic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, balancing, carminative, decongestant, expectorant, and stimulant. Because of all these properties, it is really one of the best oils to use around colds and for the flu season. If the cold is in your head, add 1 drop of cajaput to a bowl of hot water, place a towel over your head, put your head over the bowl and breath deeply.
If the cold or flu is making your bones and muscles ache, you can put 7 drops of Cajaput essential oil, and 3 drops of Lavender essential oil into 10ml (or 2 teaspoons) of carrier oil. Gently mix, and then massage the oil into the aching muscles, joints, or bones.


Profile on Auntie vi Blend:

People were asking me for an anti-viral remedy, so I promptly created one. However, coming up with an appropriate name was quite difficult. We couldn’t use the name anti-viral, so the nearest we could get away with was Auntie Vi.
As you can imagine, this blend is a fierce competitor to bacterial and viral infections.
Auntie Vi blend comprises of Black spruceCinnamonCloveLemonOreganoTea Tree, and Thyme essential oils.
Black Spruce is a good oil for asthmatics and it may support and strengthen the adrenal glands during times of stress and fatigue.
Cinnamon essential oil can help you to deal with symptoms of colds and the flu, as it is also a glandular system stimulant.
Clovebud essential oil is a good analgesic, it relieves pain, and is oh so calming.
Lemon essential oil is anti-bacterial, anti-depressant, and an immune and lymph stimulant.
Origanum essential oil is helpful when combating viral diseases and is also used as a respiratory stimulant.
Tea tree essential oil is another immune stimulant, has anti-inflammatory properties, and helps you deal with all infectious illnesses.
Thyme essential oil is considered to be a brain and digestive stimulant. It helps with sore throats, respiratory infections, and helps to stimulate the production of white blood cells.


Profile on Shea Butter:

Also known as African Karite butter, Shea Butter is high in linoleic acid and has a nourishing effect on skin cells. It is rich in vitamins A, E, and F, and is used in skin and hair masks due to its moisturizing nature.
As most of you may know, we get our organic and fair-trade Shea Butter from the Tapko village in northern Ghana. A friend of mine who grew up in that village and who now lives in Canada, started this business to help the widows and orphans.
When purchasing Shea Butter from us, you are buying the best Shea Butter available anywhere in the world. The women who make it are paid a premium price for their products, so you can rest assured that you are making an ethical purchase.

love potion recipe:

Offer your partner a sensual massage using;
Place these oils into a 30 ml bottle or larger, and shake gently. Now, add 30 mls of a carrier oil, such as Fractionated Coconut Oil, and mix again.
Make sure the room is nice and warm, and that you have linens ready.

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Now, he has several thousand chickens living in the woods. The eggs are tastier and richer because of their natural diet, and healthier life.


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