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2021 05: Aromatherapy Newsletter May 2021

Green Valley Aromatherapy – May 2021

Dear Aromatherapy Friends,
The last 4 years have been difficult for me. My husband passed away, I had two bouts with Cancer, hip problems, and a broken arm. Due to our wonderful staff, Green Valley Aromatherapy is still going strong, despite all of these challenges. They have all stepped up with cheer and passion.
The Spring of 2021 has been truly inspiring and full of hope. We have been busy creating new blends: Breathe EasyCleanse and a new Chamomile 3% dilution in Jojoba. This summer, watch for our revamped Hydrosol labels and new Room Sprays! We are also planning a new pricelist for June 2021. This has been a long time in the making (our last one was in 2016).
Wishing you all a spring brimming with feelings of optimism and joy.
Best wishes,
Barb Greenwood.

Profile on Lime essential oil:

Lime essential oil has a refreshing, uplifting, invigorating aroma. It can help ease feelings of depression and anxiety – just put a few drops in your diffuser or inhaler.
With its astringent and diuretic qualities, Lime essential oil is useful as an an addition to aftershave cream or oil for oily skin; a lymphatic stimulant and as a remedy for water retention and cellulite.




Profile on Breathe Easy Blend:

As wonderful as spring is, some of us suffer a great deal from seasonal allergies during this time. Our Breathe Easy blend was created to give some relief to the itchy eyes, running noses and aching sinuses.
This synergy of GoldenrodEucalyptus RadiataRavintsaraLavenderFrankincense and Lemon make for a wonderful blend with calming, anti-inflammatory, decongestant and immune-stimulating properties.


Profile on Neroli Hydrosol:

Neroli Hydrosol has a beautiful, comforting scent that is excellent for easing anxiety and shock. A popular hydrosol for use on sensitive individuals, Neroli hydrosol is generally well tolerated by young children, elderly and everyone in between.
As well as being wonderful for alleviating stress; this hydrosol can be used as a toner for those with delicate, sensitive, oily skin due to its astringent, though gentle nature.


2 tbsp Witch Hazel
½ teaspoon Vitamin E
Combine ingredients and shake gently. Apply toner with cotton pad onto freshly washed skin.

Did you know:

We are pleased to be carrying Essential Oil Affirmation Cards by @westcoastaromatherapy . This 52 card deck is a fun way to choose essential oils.


Spring: A lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be.

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