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2021 12: Aromatherapy Newsletter December 2021

Green Valley Aromatherapy – December 2021

Dear Aromatherapy Friends,
Happy December!
There is no doubt that the energy and excitement of this holiday season is catching on ~ especially for those of us with younger children in our lives. Everything from the storefronts and streets to the frosty mornings becomes more sparkly and magical. There are several community events throughout the month and it feels so good to have the world back to some semblance of normal in order to attend some events, safety precautions in place of course.
Our thoughts go out to those effected by the recent floods here in British Columbia. It has been a devastating time for many and there are whole communities pulling together for those in need. Thank you to all of the emergency workers who are working hard to make our highways safe for travel once again. Canada Post is experiencing some delays due to the highway closures so please allow some extra time to receive your parcels this month. Stay safe everyone!
Our store hours have changed a bit.
We are now open Tuesday – Friday from 10-5 and Saturday from 11-4. We will now be closed on Sunday and Monday. Remember, we do offer delivery and pick up services if you cannot make it down to our shop during regular business hours. Our Holiday Hours are posted at the bottom of this email.
Wishing you all a beautiful Christmas season surrounded by those you love. We at Green Valley Aromatherapy are all so appreciative of your support through 2021, Thank you!
Looking forward to a wonderful 2022!
Barb Greenwood

Profile on Ravintsara essential oil:

Though often confused with ‘Ravensara’ (Ravensara aromatica), these two essential oils are from different trees in the Lauraceae family and do have distinct differences.
Ravintsara (Cinnamomum camphora) is high in 1,8-cineole (between 55-76%), an oxide associated with healing inflammation of the respiratory system and related conditions. A powerful, yet gentle eucalyptus-like essential oil grown in Madagascar; Ravintsara is antibacterial, antiviral and an immune stimulant. It may aid chronic respiratory issues as well as edema, cold sores, shingles, joint pain, muscle tension and depression. This oil is generally well tolerated by children and more sensitive people when Eucalyptus is too powerful.
Ravintsara can be found in our Breathe Easy Blend

Profile on Winter Warmth Blend:

Winter Warmth is a warming combination of BirchBitter OrangeCinnamonLitsea CubebaPine and Vetivert. This scent brings to mind fresh, snow covered forests; toasty evenings in front of a fire; cozy nights with the ones you love, and the nostalgia of Christmases past.
Winter Warmth is available in a Room Spray, Perfume AromaVeil Roll on and a Diffuser Blend.

Profile on Yarrow Hydrosol:

While Yarrow Hydrosol does not have the most pleasant aroma, its benefits make up for it. Yarrow hydrosol is a cleansing and astringent hydrosol and many consider it to be the first choice of hydrosols for relieving the itching and irritation of eczema and psoriasis.
It can be used to cool fevers and ease aches and pains. As an anti-inflammatory it can be used to aid with varicose veins, hemorrhoids or painful menstrual cramps. It can help with problem skin such as acne and helps to heal skin damage from sun and wind. Yarrow hydrosol can be used on wounds to help stop the bleeding.

REcipe for DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Ornaments:

An easy, creative, hand-made gift idea that the whole family can be involved in!

To keep this project uncomplicated we suggest using a good quality air-dry clay, though if you’re feeling more ambitious you could absolutely make and use your favorite salt/baking soda dough.
Other supplies you will need include: Festive cookie cutters (tree, star, snowflake etc.), ribbon or string, a drinking straw, and a rolling pin.
Begin by rolling out your clay to about 4mm thick. Next use your cookie cutters to cut out your ornaments. Use your drinking straw to make a hole at the top of your decoration and set them aside to dry ~ refer to the specific instructions for the clay you’re using, most will take around 24 hours to dry completely.
Once dry you can decide whether to keep the ornaments simple or decorate with paint; if you decide to paint, only do so on one side as you will want to put your essential oils on the back to ensure it absorbs properly. 10 drops of essential oil should be enough. You can add more as the season progresses to freshen up the scent.
Once your paint has dried and your ribbon has been tied on, your gift is ready to be given!
We suggest including a small bottle of a festive oil or blend. Some of our favorites are PineBlack Spruce, our Jolly Holiday Blend or our Scents of BC Blend.

Did you know:
There are several kinds of herbs (Mint, Oregano, Sage and Thyme for example) that are hardy enough to withstand the winter chill. With a little care these lovely plants will continue to yield flavourful foliage throughout the freezing months.
Some tips on ensuring their continued production:
  • Place them in a cold frame or cloche.
  • Add a thick layer of mulch – simply pull back the mulch to cut the herbs you need, then tuck them back in until the next time.
  • In some areas where the winters are milder, you can transfer your herbs to pots and move them to a covered porch, sunroom, or greenhouse.


“Winter, a lingering season, is a time to gather golden moments, embark upon a sentimental journey, and enjoy every idle hour.”      – John Boswell

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