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2022 05: Aromatherapy Newsletter May 2022

Green Valley Aromatherapy – May 2022

Dear Aromatherapy Friends,
For many on Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland and those eager to get their summer started, May is when we begin digging out our camping gear, hoping that the weather will cooperate in the coming weeks. Tents and sleeping bags can become quite musty while in storage; along with airing them out you can make up a spray to freshen them up. EnergizeGolden ZestPeace, and 20 Year Celebration are all excellent blends for a DIY fabric refresher spray, or use one of our pre-made Room Spray’s instead!
Sending you all wishes for a beautiful May.
Aromatically Yours,
Barb Greenwood

Lovely lavender is a must-have in any home remedy kit. It relaxes you when you are tense and uplifts you when you are low. It is also an incredible healer, whether for a burn, a headache or a heartache, lavender is often the first thing we reach for.
Though similar in scent (some find it a bit softer) to the other lavender we offer, the chemical makeup in our Lavender High Alpine is where you will see the big differences. Grown in the French Alps, the high altitudes produce lavender with a significantly higher Ester content, thus increasing its relaxing, healing and anti-inflammatory properties. The alcohol levels are also heightened in our Lavender High Alpine which, while gentle, are powerfully antiviral, bactericidal and antiseptic.
Lavender has the added benefit of boosting the synergistic properties of a blend, Lavender High Alpine would make this quality even more significant.

Profile on dream easy Blend:

A gentle, soothing blend designed specifically with little ones in mind, though suitable for everyone and anyone to use. LavenderRoman ChamomileMandarin and Vanilla create an especially calming atmosphere. This blend is wonderful in a diffuser or a couple drops added to a bedtime bath. Another way to incorporate the stress-relieving benefits of Dream Easy into your day would be to add a few drops to a roll on bottle or personal inhaler to use on the go.

Profile on castille soap:

A pure and gentle organic soap containing water, saponified organic coconut oil and saponified organic sunflower oil with kosher vegetable glycerine.
Excellent for children and those with sensitive skin. Our Castille Soap contains no fragrances or surfactants.
Liquid Castile Soap (Castille Soap) can be used as a shampoo, body cleanser, hand wash or a mild laundry detergent. You can easily personalize your soap by adding your own essential oils or blends. Some of our favorites include Litsea CubebaRosemaryCleanseSpring Party & Stressbuster

DIY Castille Liquid
Laundry Detergent:

What you will need:
*Bucket large enough to mix 4L of product
*4L piping hot water
*1/4 Cup Baking Soda
*1/4 Cup Super Washing Soda (Arm & Hammer)
*1/3 Cup Castille Soap
*20 Drops total of essential oil(s) or blends
Measure Baking Soda and Super Washing Soda into bucket. Add enough hot water to cover and stir well to dissolve. Add the rest of your 4L of Hot water and mix. Measure your Castille Soap and combine with mixture. Add your essential oil(s) or blend of choice and stir carefully until well mixed.
Pour detergent into jars or bottles of your choice.
Add 1/3 cup to washing machine and launder as usual.

Did you know:
Did you know that May Day has its roots in astronomy? Traditionally, it was the halfway point between the spring equinox and the summer solstice!
As with many early holidays, May Day was rooted in agriculture. Springtime festivities filled with song and dance celebrated the sown fields starting to sprout.
Are you familiar with May baskets? People would leave a paper basket or cone containing spring flowers and sweets on each other’s doorsteps, usually anonymously. The May Day basket is still a cherished tradition for some people, although it’s not well known today. To make a simple May basket, fold a piece of colored paper into the shape of a cone. Then fill with wildflowers. You could also fill a real basket with little gifts such as flower seed packets, baked cookies, candies, and pretty trinkets.
“Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day”