Cats & Aromatherapy

Using aromatherapy safely with cats Interest in using aromatherapy with animals has increased since vets and pet owners have discovered the benefits of it, but are essential oils safe to use on cats? Cats, people love them or hate them. They have minds of their own and have unique ways of letting their owners know… Read more

Bedbugs & Aromatherapy

Preventing Bedbugs with Essential Oils. Bedbugs are becoming an increasing problem in North America. Preventing them and deterring them can be achieved with essential oils. Simply thinking about bedbugs can send shivers down spines and have people scratching sudden itches. For those unfortunate to actually be affected by bedbugs, however, the effects these tiny parasitic… Read more

Aromatherapy & Preventative Pet Care

Using essential oils and hydrosols with your pets Keeping pets healthy and disease free is important with the rise of veterinarian costs. One of the ways to keep pets healthy is by using essential oils and hydrosols. Pets play an important role in the lives of their human companions. One recent US study found that… Read more

Aromatherapy & Animals

Using essential oils and hydrosols with your pets Pets can benefit from the use of essential oils as well! One thing to keep in mind is that an animal’s sense of smell can be much more sensitive than a human’s (dogs are thought to have 20 times the olfactory receptors of a human!). Essential oils… Read more