Aromatherapy & Children

Safely using essential oils with babies and children Aromatherapy and Children is a very delicate subject, especially where wee babes are concerned, as we want to ensure we are treating their physical needs without overwhelming them with too much scent. Babies especially, have a greatly heightened sense of smell, and on top of that, they… Read more

Aromatherapy & Pregnancy, Labour and Delivery

Using essential oils to assist with pregnancy, labour and delivery For more details on using essential oils during pregnancy, labour and delivery, please read Green Valley Aromatherapy’s full article. Using pure essential oils during pregnancy, labour and delivery can make the experience more enjoyable, less stressful and easier. Using essential oils during the first trimester of… Read more

Aromatherapy & ADD & ADHD

ADD, or Attention Deficient Disorder, is a developmental disorder often diagnosed in childhood. The diagnosis of ADD is given to children who are inattentive, impulsive and, in the case of ADHD, hyperactive. As more information known about ADD and research is done on ADD, more children and adults are being diagnosed. According the The Health… Read more

Children’s Personal Care & Aromatherapy

Using essential oils to replace harmful commercial baby care products Some children’s personal care products have been found to contain harmful chemicals. Natural alternatives are available and can be fun to make at home. There are many personal care products on the market for children: baby wipes, shampoos, bath products, creams and lotions. These products… Read more