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Aromatherapy & Illness

Using essential oils to reduce the chance of getting sick

It is bound to happen in our modern age of stress – rushing here and there, poor eating choices (because we are so busy), exposure to toxins, restriction in our movements as we are crammed into tiny office spaces with little privacy and less exercise. One day you wake up and you find yourself fatigued and you just don’t seem to have any energy. You think to yourself, “How can I deal with this before I get sick?” This is where alternatives come into play; one of the best being aromatherapy.

Even if your nose refuses to register the scent of anything at all, worry not! Essential oils can help you without your nose even knowing. The choice of application is up to you. A warm bath using essential oils and Epsom salts can help on many levels. The oils can (depending on the ones you choose) help to decongest, relax, calm headaches, loosen phlegm and the list goes on! We have found the salts help to relieve muscular pain and are very soothing to the skin. Essential oils can also be used via direct inhalation (on a tissue or in a bowl of steaming water over which you tent your head with a towel), massage (combined with carrier oil), or even taken into the shower on a washcloth for the steam to waft the molecules around.

Before the germs get to you, use immune boosting oils such as a blend of Clove essential oil and Cinnamon essential oil (powerful anti-septic and helps the immune system fight infection), and Grapefruit essential oil and Thyme essential oil a powerful anti-bacterial essential oil. These oils can be used singularly or blended together to create a customized germ-killing room spray. These oils, or our therapeutic essential oil blend, Terminator, which is modeled after the historic “Thieves Blend”, can also be diffused into the air.

If the germs have already taken hold, then we suggest the following pure essential oils:

  • Eucalyptus essential oil (Globulus or radiata) are both powerful expectorants and help with respiratory problems
  • Manuka essential oil is a powerful decongestant, anti-histamine and expectorant
  • Ravintsara essential oil is an excellent, gentle oil (great for children and elderly people). It is anti-inflammatory, an immuno-stimulant and great for aches and pains that go with the flu and colds.

All of these oils can be diffused, used in the bath (minimum 6 drops, maximum 10 drops) or in a massage (18 drops to 30mls of carrier oil – 2% dilution).

This obviously starts with addressing many lifestyle changes (diet, stress, exercise, drinking lots of water), but the use of essential oils in your regular life can help keep germs and viruses at bay. By utilizing a room spray in the office or work area you can keep airborne viruses and bacteria away, wiping phones or communal worktops with an cleansing blend will again, help to keep illness away. Even diffusing a blend of the oils mentioned above can help to keep the air clear at home. Eucalyptus, pine, clove and cinnamon make a wonderfully cleansing blend that has a fresh, lively scent, useable anywhere! Good health to you!

*This is educational information and any opinions expressed here-in do not replace professional medical advice. If you are ill, see a suitably qualified medical practitioner.*

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