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Aromatherapy & Skincare

Using essential oils to care for your skin

Our skin is the body’s largest organ. It has the job of elimination, protection, temperature control and sensation. What would we do without it? It certainly deserves our utmost respect and yet, at times we seem to take it for granted by not cleaning it adequately, subjecting it to UV rays without protection, not feeding or watering it properly, and not offering it a little TLC on occasion. Essential oils and hydrosols, as well as certain carrier oils and bases can offer the beleaguered skin renewed life.

Essential oils that are wonderful for skincare include: Lavender essential oilSandalwood essential oil,Palmarosa essential oilGeranium essential oil,Chamomile (R) essential oil and Patchouli essential oil.

Without delving too deeply into the nutritional aspect of skincare, we really are what we eat. Your skin cannot repair and renew itself effectively without proper building blocks, which come from the things you put in your mouth (this includes water, which is vital to a youthful looking skin at any age!). Other aspects to consider are stress, exercise, drugs, alcohol, caffeine, pollution and on and on. What is a person to do?

First, we have to remove ourselves from the mindset that a well-cleansed skin feels taught and squeaky. This is the product of over marketing of commercial companies bent on selling you their chemical filled skincare products to overtax the delicate acid mantle of your skin. You do not need to have foaming this and soapy that to remove the layers of pollution and daily sebum from your skin. The body will benefit from a mild bar soap while the face can be well cleansed with a variety of vegetable based carrier oils combined with the essential oils relevant to your skin type. Also useful hydrosols, for very delicate skin to help with daily cleansing.

On the other side of the over-cleansed spectrum are those individuals who profess never to use anything other than water to wash their face with daily. When these individuals are asked if they wash their clothing in the same way they say emphatically “No, it wouldn’t get the clothes clean!” Your skin is no different. Even with no make up or moisturizers on the face, we have to realize that daily we are inundated with pollution, germs, bacteria and general grime, not to mention the naturally produced sebum from your own skin and these things need to be removed in an effective, healthy way. This buildup can clog pores and inhibit the body”s natural cleansing mechanism. There are many different natural recipes available for creating your own cleansers, and in this way you know you are getting a product that is 100% customized.

For aromatherapy skin care recipes, click here.

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