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How can I learn more about Aromatherapy?

Learn more about essential oils and aromatherapy with aromatherapy books and aromatherapy schools

The field of aromatherapy is undergoing changes regularly. What was once considered to be an “airy fairy” past-time has now grown into a huge industry, virtually overrun with businesses – companies with therapeutic quality essential oils and aromatherapy information, and those trying to make a fast profit off those who are not really sure what real essential oils are, and what they are capable of doing on a therapeutic level.

More and more scientific studies are being done on these miracles of nature and many are confirming what those in the aromatherapy industry the longest have innately known: essential oils work. The best way to learn more about aromatherapy is to take a course, or better yet, become a registered aromatherapist. To learn more about aromatherapy by correspondence, check out our Aromatherapy School links on our links page.

If all that seems a tad overzealous, perhaps curling up with a few good books on the subject would be more to your liking. One word of caution, however – initial dabbling in the field of aromatherapy has been known to lead to an unquenchable desire for ever more knowledge!

Some suggested books to start with:

Many of these wonderful aromatherapy resources are available on this site.

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