2021 12: Aromatherapy Newsletter December 2021

Green Valley Aromatherapy – December 2021 Dear Aromatherapy Friends, Happy December! There is no doubt that the energy and excitement of this holiday season is catching on ~ especially for those of us with younger children in our lives. Everything from the storefronts and streets to the frosty mornings becomes more sparkly and magical. There… Read more

2021 11: Aromatherapy Newsletter November 2021

Green Valley Aromatherapy – November 2021 Dear Aromatherapy Friends, As Autumn flows into Winter, for many people, it becomes a time to reflect on the events of the past year. Nothing about 2020 or 2021 could be considered ‘normal’, though it seems these odd times have put focus on what is truly important; Personal relationships,… Read more

2021 10: Aromatherapy Newsletter October 2021

Green Valley Aromatherapy – October 2021 Dear Aromatherapy Friends, Well, we have made it to October! Now it’s time to nest, eat comfort food and get prepared for the chilly months ahead. One of our employees is trying her hand at planting garlic this month, it looks to be a fairly easy crop to care… Read more

2021 09: Aromatherapy Newsletter September 2021

Green Valley Aromatherapy – September 2021 Dear Aromatherapy Friends, Welcome to September! We’re very lucky on the west coast. Most years the weather in September is quite mild; a lovely way to ease from summer into fall. Many people, though sorry that summer is on its way out, are quite ready to get back to… Read more

2021 08: Aromatherapy Newsletter August 2021

Green Valley Aromatherapy – August 2021 Dear Aromatherapy Friends, Happy August! What a beautiful ~ and Hot! ~ summer it has been. While we enjoy this final month of the season, it can be difficult to not start thinking of the fall and all that comes along with it. Children and teenagers preparing for school… Read more

2021 07: Aromatherapy Newsletter July 2021

Green Valley Aromatherapy – July 2021 Dear Aromatherapy Friends, Well summer has definitely arrived, the weather here in British Columbia has been uncommonly hot. Our downtown has been quiet as everyone scurries to the local rivers, lakes and beaches hoping to cool off. Despite the heat everything looks bright and cheerful. The streets are lovely… Read more

2021 06: Aromatherapy Newsletter June 2021

Green Valley Aromatherapy – June 2021 Dear Aromatherapy Friends, Welcome to June, my favorite month. It’s so nice to see the sun, trees and flowers; they keep blooming regardless of Covid 19. Green Valley Aromatherapy has been very busy. Due to Covid, people have been buying antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory type oils to make their own… Read more

2021 05: Aromatherapy Newsletter May 2021

Green Valley Aromatherapy – May 2021 Dear Aromatherapy Friends, The last 4 years have been difficult for me. My husband passed away, I had two bouts with Cancer, hip problems, and a broken arm. Due to our wonderful staff, Green Valley Aromatherapy is still going strong, despite all of these challenges. They have all stepped… Read more

2020 11: Aromatherapy Newsletter November 2020

Green Valley Aromatherapy – November 2020 Hello everybody. Welcome to November! November is a month of great change. With the October orange and yellow leaves decaying to a dull brown colour, and the weather shifting from crisp blue skies to overcast grey ones, it is imperative to take time out of your day to look… Read more