Can Essential Oils cause allergic reactions?

Essential Oils are straight from nature with nothing added or taken away. They are distilled from flowers, leaves, bark, fruit and stems. If you can smell a flower, touch a tree or hold fruit without an allergic reaction, it is highly unlikely that you would have a reaction to essential oils. I have never come… Read more

If I am in Canada, what currency will I pay?

Your order will be charged in Canadian dollars at par.

How can I find out more about being a reseller of your aromatherapy and essential oil products?

To qualify as a wholesale aromatherapy customer you must be an aromatherapist, a student of aromatherapy, a massage therapist or other healing practitioner, a manufacturer, or have a business which is reselling our products. If you’re not sure if you qualify, please contact us. Minimum wholesale orders are $100.00. If you need help or have… Read more

How can I receive a catalog of your aromatherapy products?

Green Valley Aromatherapy has current retail and wholesale price lists available for free download. We no longer publish an aromatherapy catalog. Please go to our catalog page for more information.

Can I ingest essential oils?

While we know there are people who take essential oils internally, and companies that promote ingestion, Green Valley Aromatherapy does not and cannot recommend this due to Canadian law and safety concerns. Some essential oils have toxic components, for instance, nutmeg oil contains myristicin and elemicin which are psychotropic and could cause problems if ingested by… Read more

Are your essential oils organic?

Green Valley Aromatherapy is aware of the importance of top quality essential oils in a therapeutic setting and where possible we endeavour to source them from farms that are certified organic or are working towards their organic status. We already purchase many of our oils from farms that are organic, but without verified certification we… Read more