Jolly Holiday Blend

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Diffuse this wonderful blend in your home to create a warm and festive winter holiday atmosphere.

A pure essential oil blend of Amyris, Cedarwood, Cinnamon and Mandarin.

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Imagine the smell of a crackling fire in your fireplace, fresh baked goods, and the gorgeous aroma coming from the evergreen placed in your living room. These are some ways we like to make our winters seem warmer. To invoke this calming, cozy atmosphere, we created our Jolly Holiday blend! A pure essential oil blend of Amyris, Cedarwood, Cinnamon and Mandarin, the general mood of this synergy is uplifting, relaxing, spicy, and fun. Some of these oils are thought to have antiviral properties, so while smelling great this blend may also be destroying airborne viruses and bacteria, keeping your home healthier though the holidays!

Amyris essential oil has a musky, rich aroma, and makes a beautiful grounded base note for this blend. Thought to have antiseptic, calming, sedative, and stress relieving properties, this oil is steam distilled from the wood and branches of the plant. Amyris may be a great oil to use when battling the flu or other ailments due to its antiseptic and sedative properties.

Cedarwood essential oil has long been coveted for its gorgeous camphoraceous smell, as well as its many potential properties. This essential oil is steam distilled from the wood of the Atlas Cedar tree. Thought to have strong antifungal, expectorant, insecticidal, and detoxifying properties, Cedarwood has been used to help break down mucus in bronchial infections through steam inhalation or in a diffuser. This oil may also help eliminate lactic acid and move toxins from the joints.

Cinnamon essential oil has a strong distinctly cinnamon scent and is thought to be warming and stimulating to the senses. Steam distilled from the leaves and twigs, this base note oil may have antimicrobial, digestive and insecticidal properties. Be sure to not take this essential oil lightly, as it is very strong. Cinnamon essential oil blends nicely with citrus oils and may help disinfect the air and breathing passages.

Mandarin essential oil is cold pressed from the peel and is a lively top note. Thought to have powerful uplifting, calming, and antiseptic properties, Mandarin essential oil is gentler than other citruses, thus making it good for children and pregnant people, and the elderly. This oil is often used as a digestive stimulant as well, and on an emotional level, may help you deal with grief and emotional shock.

Diffuse this blend in your home to create a warm and festive winter holiday atmosphere. This blend can also be used to scent your homemade Christmas ornaments, or your own potpourri!


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