Aromatherapy Aphid Spray

Aphids are annoying little creatures that sometimes get to our plants, both indoor and outdoor. This essential oil blend may help to keep aphids away. 2 drops Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) 2 drops Basil (Ocimum basilicim) Add this mixture of essential oils to 120ml of water in a spray bottle, shake well and spray your plants regularly to help keep aphids… Read more

Aromatherapy Tick Deterrent

  1ml Citronella essential oil 2ml Lemongrass essential oil 1ml Thyme essential oil 1ml Sage essential oil Combine the above essential oils in a 5ml bottle and invert to blend. Put 10 drops into a 60ml bottle and add a teaspoon of white alcohol. Shake well and add water. Shake again and spray pant legs with blend before heading out into the woods… Read more

Outdoor Aromatherapy Moth Deterrent

  5-6 drops Lavender essential oil Several strips of ribbon Small bowl of water Float the Lavender essential oil on top of the water. Soak the ribbons in this mixture and hang them in the trees or near where you are sitting outdoors. It is said that moths detest Lavender! All articles on this website are copyright Green Valley… Read more

Spring Cleaning Recipes

All Purpose Disinfectant… Add 10 drops of your favourite antiseptic, or anti-bacterial essential oil to a litre of hot water along with a 1/4 cup of vinegar. Or directly to a sponge or damp cloth, add a drop or two of eucalyptus essential oil lavender essential oil lemon essential oil pine essential oil juniper essential… Read more