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Aromatherapy Recipes for Children

Blending Chart for Children

Diluted in 30ml (1 fl.oz.) of carrier oil or base cream.

Newborns 0 – 1 drop
2 – 6 months 1 – 2 drop(s)
7 – 12 months 1 – 3 drop(s)
1 – 4 years 1 – 5 drop(s)
5 – 7 years 3 – 6 drops
8 – 12 years 5 – 9 drops
12 years and over 5 – 10 drops


Denise’s son suffers from nervous tension, which goes straight to his stomach. This produces headaches and brings on halitosis. This aromatherapy blend seems to clear up the bad breath and gets rid of the headaches as well. He then sleeps like a log and is a much happier fellow for it!

Using the amounts recommended in the blending chart above, mix essential oils in equal amounts and then add to 1 ounce of carrier oil of your choice. Sweet almond is excellent, though be advised if your child has a nut allergy you will have to use another type of oil. Jojoba is an excellent none nut-based oil.


When Bobbi”s daughter starts to sniffle she is ushered into a warm bath just before bed into which this aromatherapy blend is added (her daughter is 10 years old).

Blend essential oils into salts and mix well. Add salt blend under running water and swirl bath water to thoroughly mix blend into water. Soak for 15-20 minutes.After the bath Bobbi massages our Terminator essential oil blend (diluted in a carrier oil) onto her chest and back to give her immune system a boost while she sleeps. This treatment can make the difference between her getting sick and not.


When Alice”s children come down with congested chests and coughs she whips up this recipe for them. (Both are in their early teens; use half the amount on younger children; do not use on babies.)

Add to 10ml carrier oil, shake well and apply before bedtime.


Paula has blended up a fun, calming lotion for her children by mixing equal portions of

The kids have fun with it because they smell like a Creamsicle and Paula likes it because it helps her crew of three mellow out at the end of the day!

Top 10 Oils for Children

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