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DIY Sheet Masks

During these busy times the use of sheet masks has become an increasingly popular beauty trend as it is an easy way to pamper and nourish yourself at your own convenience.  With all the choices on the market it can be hard to know which is best for you, so why not create one specific to your skin type and preferences.

Green Valley Aromatherapy carries natural sheet/facial masks and everything else you would need to make your very own facial on the go!

Below are some recipes. Please remember that less is more with essential oils, especially when used on the delicate skin of our faces.

Dry Skin:

Rose Hydrosol                           2 tbsp

Aloe Vera Liquid                        2 tbsp

Rosehip Seed Oil                      1 tsp

Carrot Seed Essential Oil          2 drops

ACNE prone:

Tea tree Hydrosol                  2tbsp

Witch Hazel                           2tbsp

Aloe Vera Liquid                    1tsp

Grapefruit Essential Oil         2 drops

                *Please note, due to the use of a citrus oil (Grapefruit) it is suggested that this blend be used at night as citrus oils can cause skin sensitivity when exposed to the sun*


Peppermint Hydrosol                        2tbsp

Lavender Hydrosol                            2tbsp

Aloe Vera Liquid                                1tsp

Eucalyptus radiata Essential Oil        2 drops

Stress relief:

Neroli Hydrosol                  2tbsp

Chamomile Hydrosol         2tbsp

Grapeseed oil                    1 tsp

Lavender Essential Oil       2 drops

Thoroughly cleanse and prepare your skin. Soak your opened sheet mask until it has absorbed enough of the solution – around 5 min., gently squeeze out any excess so it is not dripping but still well saturated and smooth it over your face. Leave it for 20 to 30 minutes, remove mask and massage anything remaining into your face and neck.

These recipes should make enough for approximately 5 sheet masks and can be kept in a refrigerator for up to a week.


*This is educational information and any opinions expressed here-in do not replace professional medical advice. If you are ill, see a suitably qualified medical practitioner.*

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