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Mother’s Day Blend

We all have them, moms that is! We wouldn’t be here without them! Remember your Mom on her special day by spoiling her shamelessly this year.

Start the night before with a little lavender essential oil on her pillow to help her drift off to sleep peacefully. Allow her to sleep in the next day and prepare her breakfast in bed. On her breakfast tray you could have a single fragrant rose (Rose essential oil has relaxing, uplifting properties) to accompany her favorite breakfast.

Offer to give her a hand, foot or back massage (or all three!) and use essential oils to help her stay relaxed and happy throughout the day (see recipes below).

The rule for today? Mom is not allowed to do ANY work, and must stay OUT of the kitchen and laundry room! Find her a good book, a pile of magazines or chase her out into the garden (if it”s lovely outside) to enjoy fresh air and a cool drink under the shelter of the trees. To end the day, take Mom out to dinner and treat her to the joys of not having to cook or clean up for one whole day. Your Mom works hard for you 364 days a year, why not give her one day all to herself? Essential oils can help make the day a happily fragrant one!

Suggestions (and recipes!) for making Mom”s day a fragrant, relaxing one.

A “Tranquil” Aromatic Breakfast

Diffuse Tranquility essential oil blend in her bedroom while she is enjoying her breakfast in bed and lingering over her third cup of coffee or tea!

Aromatherapy Spa Shower

Place 2 drops each of Orange essential oil, Grapefruit essential oil and Lemon essential oil on a washcloth and hang in Mom’s shower just before she steps in. The steam from the shower will turn the bathroom into a mini spa and she will feel refreshed, happy and pleasantly awake.

Heavenly Hand Massage

For Mom’s hand massage, use Lavender essential oil Lemon essential oil, Geranium essential oil and Sandalwood essential oil (one drop of each) into 30ml of carrier oil or hand cream (the cream will absorb in quickly).

Aromatherapy Pedi Spa

For a lovely foot treatment, allow her to soak her feet in warm water with small round pebbles in the bottom (for her to rub the soles of her feet over for a mini massage) into which you have mixed a tablespoon of salt and 4 drops of her favorite essential oil.

Soak for 10-15 minutes, dry off her feet and then offer a massage with a blend of Peppermint essential oil (very refreshing), Geranium essential oil (helps strengthen the skin and improves circulation to the feet) and Lavender essential oil (helps relieve tired, swollen feet).

Relaxing Aromatherapy Back Massage

A nice blend for a relaxing back massage is:

add to 30mls of a light carrier oil.

*This is educational information and any opinions expressed here-in do not replace professional medical advice. If you are ill, see a suitably qualified medical practitioner.*

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